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Thursday, June 26, 2008

An addition to yesterday’s blog - - - -
Another type I forgot to add:

The Underground Guerilla Marketer- I’m thinking more and more that THESE are the people to learn the game from. They usually have several projects going that are related (Example: Marketing team – record label – graphics shop – management company, maybe even distribution if they’re good.) They know ALL the tricks to cut costs, and are always looking for new ones. They put out some dope shit that you may have heard and remember (b/c it’s dope) but you have no idea where it came from. They are smart enough to know when to put something out that may not be their favorite style. .b/c every now and then you gotta go with something that will just sell or chart well to pay for the ‘labour of love’ projects.

They are the people you rarely see in magazines – or anywhere visible, but go to a conference or an important event with them – one where lots of major players are present. EVERYONE knows them and most respect them. They have AT MOST one degree of separation from anyone you can name b/c they have worked behind the scenes with so many people on so many things. This is usually not just ONE person; it’s usually a small collective of peeps.

Sometimes the big labels/brands start this way…….but if they’re smart, they don’t go mainstream/mass market – b/c then they have to start spending lots of money, and that just goes against the mindset that made them successful in the first place.

Getting this kind of a ball rolling usually takes the right combination of people coming together (i.e. – each participant having a different area of expertise to bring to the table, kind of like the Superfriends in the Hall of Justice) – and each person has usually spent SEVERAL years on their individual grind, doing work and meeting people, before they find each other and form a successful group. In other words, some stars have to line up correctly for this to happen. Also, it AINT glamourous. There are occasional big shows, or exotic locales that remind everyone, “yeah – this is why we grind the way we do” but in between those are lots of small offices, packed van rides to events, and smallish crowds. The art they contribute is important, in many ways they drive the scene, but there is very little shine involved for them.

The Biz-ness

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yeah so ummmmm. . . . it’s been a minute – I know. Not exactly the best way to get the momentum going on a new blog, but – hang with me. I’m not ready to throw the towel in on this one just yet.

Today, I think I am going to focus on my early efforts to figure out ways I can do something I care about – and have said activities provide enough money for me to eat, live on my own, and pay my bills.

Ah yes, my early inquisitions into the world of entertainment – more specifically music.
Let me tell you about my perceptions so far. . . . . Now I ain’t sayin all of the following descriptions are FACT, I’m just sayin this is the SENSE I seem to be getting. Perception isn’t always reality.

I have come across a few different kinds of people who I would say are “Making It” in the industry. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are rich, or famous….but what it DOES mean is that they are involved full time (i.e. don’t have a BS day job) and they are either working on projects that they are excited about, or well on their way to working on worthwhile endeavors. Occasionally, it actually DOES mean they are doin ok money or fame wise as well.

There seem to be a few types of people in this situation:

Those that know a LOT important people, but don’t really DO very much of anything. AKA the – “It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know crowd.” Now believe me, I understand the importance of the proper contacts, and working the room from time to time – but for some of these folks it seems like that’s all they’re really good at. Oh – and partying, they’re good at that too. They get a dope title with a good label, or promotion/event company, or management company – and they front like they’re on the grind – but there’s no proof in the puddin at the end of the day. Fact is though, they’ll either keep their job – or lose it and get another one just as good. They are charmers.

The Street Hustla – this is actually one of my favorites. They are often ‘jacks-of-all-trades’ – they always have 50 projects goin on. If they are successful, it’s usually because they have done a good job at making computers and modern modes of communication work for them – using these things to help them get their money from the art that they love. Occasionally they got something goin on the side to supplement income that is . . . . . how shall I say. . . . Less than legitimate – but not always, many have their hustle down so well that they can keep things above board. Here’s the thing though, I don’t know when these people sleep…..I think a lot of them are insomniacs, or they just plain don’t need many zzzzz’s. Also, I don’t know how they make ends meet – fact is, it takes a while to achieve any kind of financial stability with this approach. So what are they doin when they on the come up?

Of course there is the successful person that knew in school what they wanted to do – got their shit together early, did some internships that may have been not quite what they were after, and now are doing what they always wanted, and doing it well. The traditional mode of climbing the ladder doesn’t happen nearly as much in the entertainment world as it does in other businesses though.

There are also those who use some sleazy methods to get where they need to go – but usually they’re more interested in fame or LOTS of money than they are in being part of fulfilling projects.

So where do I fit in this world – how can I utilize my strengths best so that I can be noticed and do some work that makes me feel fulfilled?

I certainly can’t do the soulless paper pushing I’m doing right now for much longer.

I don’t fit any of these molds completely, and I know I gotta be myself in the end – but will that get the job done?

Do I focus on a certain field, or do I hustle as long as I can until I find my place. How can I make some $ so I can live and eat in the big city – but at the same time keep my jobs related to the direction I want to go in? These are things that have been on my mind lately…..

Hopefully more to come soon.